The best quality since 1957

Our history

Producing the best quality since 1957

Tradition and quality

Vallés Operé S.L. is a family company, that maintaining our traditional character, innovation and maximum quality are our main objectives.

Since its foundation in 1957, our oil mill has been modernized and has adapted the production system to the most innovative technology, thus improving the quality of our oils.

Our EVOO has a great personality, with a green tone, a high intensity flavour and a bitter touch.

Vallés Operé, with a legacy in the production of olive oil dating back to the beginning of the last century, currently produces, along with its traditional extra virgin oil, its organic oil "Eco Vallés". It is a product from an olive grove cultivated with absolute respect for the environment and the consumer, using only organic fertilizers and without polluting the environment.

First grinding line
Second mounting line
Composting plant
Awarded to the best oil
Awarded to the best oil
Modernization project
Construction and assembly of a first milling line with continuous extraction system. The old press factory ceases to operate.
Construction and assembly of the second washing, weighing and grinding line, exclusively for organic farming.
Construction of a composting plant. In this way we close the biological cycle of the olive grove.
We were awarded the prize for the best organic oil in the province of Granada in the "Sabor Granada Awards".
Obtaining, for the second consecutive year, the best organic oil in the "Sabor Granada Awards".
Modernization project of our offices.